Bisschop van Haarlem op bezoek in Engeland

Visit of the Old Catholic Bishop of Haarlem, The Netherlands
17-19 March 2013

The Bishop of Haarlem, the Rt Revd Dr Dirk Jan Schoon,
will be visiting Suffolk from 17-19 March 2013.
He will be staying with Mary and John Hare and his programme will include:

Sunday 17 March
Bishop Dirk will preach at the Sung Eucharist in our Cathedral in Bury St Edmunds.

Monday 18 March
Bishop Dirk will join us for an informal meeting here in Woodbridge in St Mary’s House, 1915 for 1930. This will be an excellent opportunity to question him and learn how a small Reformed Catholic Church, almost identical in many ways to the Church of England, relates to the modern Western Society that is the Netherlands. It will be interesting in particular to hear how this Church has resolved the issue of gay and lesbian relationships, which is causing so much division in the Anglican Communion.

Tuesday 19 March
Bishop Dirk will give a Lecture at the University College in Ipswich (1730 for 1800) entitled
Survival of One of the Smallest: The Old Catholic Church in the Netherlands
to which all are welcome without charge.

This is one of a series of UCS Academy Lectures and is held in the Waterfront Building.
There are car parks nearby and the bus routes from Woodbridge pass close.
As wine and canapés are generously provided after the lecture,
the University asks that, if possible, you book a place in advance.
email: the

VISIT OF THE BISHOP OF HAARLEM The Old Catholic Bishop of Haarlem, Dr Dirk-Jan Schoon, will be visiting Suffolk . His programme includes a Lecture in the University College in Ipswich, a Sermon in St Edmundsbury Cathedral on Passion Sunday and attendance at Archbishop Welby's Enthronement in Canterbury. On the Monday Evening he will be with us in St Mary's Hall to talk informally about the place and future of a small Reformed Catholic Church in a Modern Western Society such as the Netherlands. The Dutch Old Catholics are facing identical problems as those confronting the Church of England; do come and discuss them with him.

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