Old Catholic Theology

Summerschool 2013

Old Catholic Theology

Utrecht University
Old Catholic Seminary
Course code: C23
Master level

The course offers an introduction to Old Catholic theology in an ecumenical context. Old Catholic theology is understood as the main theological currents as they exist in Union of Utrecht of Old Catholic Churches (www.utrechter-union.org). 

Students will be taught by experts in Old Catholic theology on the faculty of the Old Catholic Seminary, Utrecht. The topics covered by the course include the following: History of Old Catholicism, Old Catholic spirituality, Ecumenism and Old Catholicism, Old Catholic canon law and ecclesiology, Old Catholic liturgy, and Old Catholic systematic theology. The reading of key texts will be a central component of the course and students may be expected to do advance reading for the course. The course will also include an excursion to a major collection of related religious art (Museum Catherijneconvent), an excursion to an Old Catholic liturgical celebration (Utrecht), and a meeting with members of the Old Catholic episcopate (Amersfoort). 

At the end of the course, students will have a broad overview of main topics and themes in Old Catholic theology and spirituality and will be able to pursue further independent study of the subject. The course is at the introductory level of an M.Div. curriculum.


Oud-Katholieke Parochie St. Agnes   |    Voorstraat 110 - 112   |   1931 AN  Egmond aan Zee 

Pastoor Joke Kolkman,   telefoon 072 - 506 1206 en 06 - 25 54 64 09

email: pastoor@egmond.okkn.nl



  • zondag Eucharistieviering, 10.00 uur.   
    Koffiedrinken na de viering 1e en 3e zondag in de maand.
  • woensdag Eucharistieviering, 9.00 uur.

In de maanden juli en augustus op maandag ORGELCONCERTEN. Aanvang 20.30 uur. Openschaalcollecte bij de uitgang.


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